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MINNOVARC: Always a micron ahead

Minnovarc - many positive results and a promising outcome

The French-Swiss project to stimulate innovation in the microtechnology sector carried by the Swiss association arcjurassien.ch and the Territorial Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Doubs in France came to an end in August 2013. It will have been supported by the European program Interreg IV, having benefited from the financial support of the European Union and the Swiss Confederation, as well as regional French and Swiss contributions.


Since the beginning of 2011, it will have brought together 150 participants from companies and laboratories of the French-Swiss Jura Arc region. More than 60 tracks of collaborations and 3 European projects involving regional actors emerged from Minnovarc


Minnovarc’s Think Tank carried out a reflection on the future of microtechnologies in the region. A White paper will be soon published in order to provide useful orientations to the decision makers of the French-Swiss Jura Arc region for both public and private policy options, so that they can as well as possible adapt to market evolutions to come.


For the project closing event, on May 29th, 2013, at the International Clock-making Museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, economic and political actors and policies drew a positive assessment upon this ambitious project and underlined the need for continuing a French-Switzerland co-operation in this field.


As a continuation of Minnovarc, the Innovarc project was also presented: it aims at widening the sphere of activity beyond the sole microtechnology framing, to stimulate networks of innovation via several promising technology-markets couplings, and work out project options upon to make good use of expert support of the already active regional actors in the innovation management domain. This project is currently being evaluated by the Interreg staff.


Through its 6 workshops Microtechnology & Innovation organized alternatively in France and Switzerland, “market zooms” were proposed in order to help firms and laboratories to diversify their capabilities and activities towards emerging markets likely to integrate microtechnologies, such as: cleantechs, intelligent objects and systems, active building management, medtechs, robotics, mobility-supportive technologies, etc. These workshops made it possible on the whole to some 60 speakers to share their experience, know-how and analyses on the various above-mentioned topics, with the whole of the participants, companies and laboratories.


A cartographic and statistical study of microtechnologies in the French-Swiss Jura Arc region was carried out jointly with the Cross-border Statistical Observatory of the French-Swiss Jura Arc region (OSTAJ), with the aim of providing a realistic and situated view on the various industrial microtechnology-related sectors in this bi-national territory.


Minnovarc also created a meta-portal comprising more than 200 websites dealing with innovation and microtechnologies in the French-Swiss Jura Arc region. They have been designed so as to facilitate information search on such criteria as markets, technologies, services and territories. The service is dynamic, i.e., open to proposals for new links.



Pour nous contacter : contact@minnovarc.fr
 +33 3 81 25 25 76
46 avenue Villarceau
F 25000 Besançon
 +41 32 889 76 76
Rue de la Paix 13
CH 2300 La Chaux de Fonds

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